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Learn about the new chat features and how to access your inbox on Web and Mobile.

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You asked, and we delivered! πŸŽ‰ Web Chat is here! πŸŽ‰ The messaging feature within Housecall Pro allows you to access ALL of your messages in one place. Now, you can access your messages on IOS, Android, and Web to make sure you and your team never miss a beat!

Web Chat

  • To access your inbox via desktop, you'll log into your account and click on the inbox tab at the top left side of the screen. If you would like to send a message, click on the blue bubble with a note pad icon.

***Note: Be sure to enable your desktop notifications. Check out this help article on how to do so***

This unified chat system allows you to run your day to day business operations through three workspaces:

  1. Customers - Take customer service to the next level by communicating with your customers over SMS. Point of contacts, office staff, and techs will be auto-added to all customer chats to ensure that customer communication is transparent to everyone on your team.
    ​Note: Technicians will only be added to a customer chat if they are assigned to that specific job.
    ​Note: Techs will be removed automatically from customer channels once the job is completed, deleted, or cancelled.

    • If you don't want someone to be able to chat with your customers, you can completely turn off customer chats for them by clicking the below toggle

    • Additionally, if you have website builder, leads that chat in on your website will flow directly into your inbox under the customer's workspace.

  2. Employees - Easily manage communication with your team to effectively quarterback internal operations. You can start conversations with one of your team members or add as many team members as you'd like!

  3. Community - Chat with peers and other Pros outside of your organization. In addition, if you get a customer referral, they will show up in this workspace for you to accept or decline.

IOS / Android Inbox

On your IOS or Android, select a workspace to see all of your current messages within that category. You can create a new message and add multiple parties to the channel. This means you can include your techs and customers in the same message.

You may not have the time to look over your tech's shoulder, but this new feature allows you to see what your tech sees, to ensure everything is going smoothly.

From here, you can message your customers and your team members. The new chat features allow you to:

  1. Create new messages

  2. Start group chats with your team and customers

  3. Send Images, videos, gifs, and file attachments

These features allow you to improve customer service, and get a better understanding of what the customer's issue is.

Other Features

Navigate to Customer Profile

  • This feature will allow you to go to the customer profile, directly from chat.

  • Click on the customers profile icon, then you will be directed to their customer profile

  • Clicking customer profile will navigate you directly to the customer's profile in a new tab

  • Members will take you to member management (add or remove users)

Member Management

  • This feature will allow you to view, remove and add Employees in a message thread at your discretion. Employees included in a message thread will receive push notifications from any customer's reply to the thread. To view the members in a thread, select a channel and click on the member names above to add or remove Employees from the thread. Multiple customers cannot be grouped in a conversation - only employees.

  • Admin and Office Staff employees can still access the thread even if they are not included as a member, but they will not receive push notifications in the mobile app if not added as a member. Field techs can only view threads when they are included as a member.

***If you remove someone, the only way they will be added back is if you manually add them.***

Features available on Mobile ONLY

Turn off chat notifications and Mark all as Read

  • You can now turn off notifications just for chat so you don't get blown up.

  • You can also clean your inbox my marking all as read

To access these settings on your mobile device, click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Archive messages

  • This feature will allow you to archive messages when you don't need to see them. You can now remove a channel off of your channel list but archiving will not delete any data.

    • If you archive a customer chat, and they message you in the future, all previous messages will be visible within that channel.

Check out this help article on advanced chat features!

Having trouble finding what you need?

Use the blue bubble to reach out to our chat team for live customer support. If you’d prefer to talk it out over the phone, call our support number at 858-842-5746.

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