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How Do I Set up a Custom SMS Number?
How Do I Set up a Custom SMS Number?

Choose your custom SMS number to receive customer replies to notifications and allow them to pay by text

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Currently only available to: Essentials, Essentials +, and Max Plans (formerly Grow, Manage and XL).
Follow these steps to Register and set up your Custom SMS number. This is the number your automated texts will come from and gives you the ability to send your customers invoices and estimates via text. Click here to learn more about what a Custom SMS number is.

To set up your Custom SMS number, click on the setting gear icon in the upper right corner.

Next, select 'Text Messages.' 

Click 'Register' on the Text Messages settings page

Select whether you have an EIN > Confirm the populated info and enter additional items > Submit your registration

Once approved, you will be prompted to select your Custom SMS Number > Enter your area code > Click the arrow > Save Number

Remember that once you've selected a number, it cannot be changed.

Your custom SMS number has now been set!

You can see a walkthrough of the registration process here.

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