What is a Custom SMS Number?

What a custom SMS number is and why you have it.

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The ability to add a Custom SMS Number is available on all plans once you complete a registration process.* It allows you to select a custom, randomly generated phone number within the area code you choose. This phone number will be the number that your automated text messages come from.  

Setting your custom SMS number gives your customers the ability to reply to your automated messages! Their responses will go straight to the messages portion of your app. If your customer calls that number, it will forward to your business number you have set in your company settings.  

Clicking the edit icon within each message will allow you to customize the text. You also have the option to show the picture of the employee assigned to the job in the on my way text. A picture must be uploaded to the employee's user profile in order to be shown.

*Click here to view a step-by-step walkthrough of Custom SMS registration

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