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Scheduling, Invoicing and Payments Workflow Training
Scheduling, Invoicing and Payments Workflow Training

This foundational Housecall Pro Training University walks through your basic workflow in Housecall Pro and scheduling basics.

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In this Scheduling, Dispatch and Payments Training we cover the basic workflow of scheduling, dispatching and payments in Housecall Pro. This walkthrough is perfect for any office admins or owners who need a full understanding of scheduling jobs and estimates.

What we cover in this training:

  • How to set up estimates in Housecall Pro

  • Converting estimates into jobs

  • Dispatching your field tech team

  • Best practices on the mobile app for owner operators and field tech team

  • Invoicing and Payments

  • Quick run down on how to set up recurring jobs and multi-day visits

PRO TIPS: Now that you've watched this training, are you interested in making sure your field tech team is trained up? Check out our Field Tech Training.
​We also now have checklists to make training for your team easier:

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