The ability to accept Apple & Google pay are new enabled for any account who allows their customers to pay an invoice via credit card.

NOTE: The option to pay using Apple or Google Pay will only appear if the device currently in use is already configured to pay using one of those methods. For all other customers, the option won't appear.

There is no additional cost to process credit cards via Apple or Google Pay

Example - Apple Pay (Mobile)

1. If a customer's device is configured to use apple pay, they'll see the option to pay via Apple Pay when they open the invoice that you have sent them

2. If they choose to pay using Apple Pay, they'll be guided through the standard checkout process by first double-clicking the side button on their iPhone (Note: older iPhones will request verification via TouchID)

3. After confirmation, the payment will begin to process

4. Then, they'll see 'Done' and the transaction will be complete. That's it!

Example - Google Pay (Web)

1. If a customer's browser is configured to use Google Pay, they'll see the option to pay when they open the invoice that you have sent them.

2. They will then be prompted to go through the standard Google Pay checkout flow.

3. They'll get a confirmation that the charge was successful, and that's it!

NOTE: All payments made via Apple or Google pay will reflect on My Money and within Quickbooks as a Credit Card charge, and will be processed for no additional fees beyond your normal credit card rate.

**If you DO NOT already use our credit card processor, but are interested in learning more, click HERE!**

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