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Visual Price Book Overview (Desktop)
Visual Price Book Overview (Desktop)

Learn how to use Visual Price Book with an Estimate or Job

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Note: If you need to still set up your Price Book, you can get started in our collection of Price Book articles.

With Visual Price Book, you can drive more sales by presenting the services you provide in a visually appealing and transparent format that will build trust with customers, while also making it easier for your employees to do their job.

When creating a new estimate or job, you will see a blue price book icon in the top right corner of the “Line Items” section.

  1. Click the Price Book icon

2. Select your Industry.

3. Select the Category.

4. Select the service you’d like to add to the estimate or invoice.

5. And click "Add to Job".

6. You will be taken back to the estimate or invoice with that item now shown. Items added from the visual price book are always added to the services section of the invoice.

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