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How to Make a Zap (Workflow) in Zapier
How to Make a Zap (Workflow) in Zapier

After the integration is connected, you can start creating Zaps! Here is an example of a Zap that uses a Rest Trigger.

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On the Zapier Portal, click “Make a Zap”

To set up the trigger, choose an app and an event.

Once the app and trigger event is chosen, test the trigger.

Zapier tests the trigger based on recent information from the account you logged into. In this case, since the trigger is a “New Scheduled Job in Housecall Pro,” Zapier pulled information from my most recent scheduled job.

Now, choose the corresponding action. First, search for the app you want to automatically update.

In this case, I want my scheduled jobs to be available in Google Sheets. So the Action Event is to create a new spreadsheet row in Google Sheets.

Log into the app where the information will transfer over to. In this case, I want to create a spreadsheet row in my Google Sheets spreadsheet every time a new job is scheduled in Housecall Pro.

After choosing the app destination, Zapier will populate available fields based on the app you chose. In this case, I want the information below to transfer from Housecall Pro to Google Sheets.

When filling out these fields, Zapier provides a drop down list of data to choose from.

You’ll want to map where the types of data from Housecall Pro go in the corresponding app. For example, I chose the Housecall Pro “Customer Display Name” field and placed it in my Google Sheet “Customer Name” column. Once this information is filled out, press “Continue.”

Zapier will test the action, just like the trigger was tested.

After the action is tested, be sure to turn on your Zap. Then, you can go to the destination app that the information was transferred to. In this case, I opened my Google Sheets doc labeled “Scheduled Jobs,” to see that the Zap worked! By using Zapier, any scheduled job created in Housecall Pro will automatically transfer over to the Spreadsheet I have, instead of transferring data manually. This saves time and ensures consistency!

Recap of Making a Zap

Each time you make a new Zap, you will run through this process:

  1. Click “Create New Zap” in Zapier. Choose the two apps you want to connect. If you plan to use an Estimate zaps, copy the webhook URL and paste it into Housecall Pro.

  2. Choose Event: Choose which Trigger and Action you want to create

  3. Zapier will test the Zap and verify that it works.

  4. Your zap is all set up!

Helpful Videos:

Example of a Rest Trigger (New Completed Hob or New Scheduled Job)

Example of an Action Zap (Create a New Customer)

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