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How to use the Schedule tab (calendar) in Housecall Pro
How to use the Schedule tab (calendar) in Housecall Pro

This article describes everything you need to know around using the Schedule tab calendar in Housecall Pro

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In this help article you'll find information on:

  • How many calendars are there in Housecall Pro?

  • How navigate through the Schedule tab calendar

  • How to Change display settings on the Schedule tab calendar

  • How to re-schedule jobs, estimates, or an event from the Schedule tab calendar

Old Calendar vs New Calendar Walkthrough

Where will I see the calendar view?

Want an in-app walkthrough of these new calendar features? Click here!

Note: If you are not currently logged into your Housecall Pro account, you will need to come back to this help article and click the link again to start the walkthrough

There are four different places in Housecall Pro where the calendar exists today

  • Schedule tab (on the main menu)

  • Job details

  • Estimate details

  • Event details

There are two additional places, where HCP users will see the calendar if they are using Pipeline.

Calendar on Schedule tab serves the purpose of showing all jobs, estimates and events in one place and allowing to quickly see and add any unscheduled jobs or estimates and is described in this article, while other calendars (on job, estimates or event details) are enhanced with additional options specific to scheduling or rescheduling a single calendar item, and which are described in a separate article here <link to article once published>.


In the upper portion of the calendar there are icons representing different options related to navigation or the view setting of the calendar, including:

  • Slide-out panel with the monthly calendar for easy navigation to a particular date, with a list of all company's employees. This allows you to show and hide jobs, estimates, and events assigned to those employees

  • Slide-out panel with a list of unscheduled jobs

  • Calendar view picker (you can choose from one of the 6 different views - Schedule, Dispatch, Day, Week, Month, or Monday-Friday)

  • Calendar and Job, Estimate, and Event display settings, which allow you to show and hide the number of details visible on each tile, but also set the timezone of a calendar

Slide-out Panel with the monthly calendar and a list of employees

  • Click the 'Menu' icon to show or hide the left-side panel

To filter the calendar view by employees:

  • By name or tags, type the phrase in the field and select from the drop-down

  • OR check the names of the employees you'd like to see

Unscheduled Jobs

Click the 'Unscheduled' icon to view all unscheduled jobs

Drag and drop the unscheduled job onto the schedule

  • If the customer profile notifications are ON, a pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to send them their job scheduled notifications.

Calendar and Job/Estimate/Event Display Options

Customize information visible on each job, estimate, and event tile:

  • Click 'Settings' (gear icon) in the upper right corner

  • Check each field you'd like to add or remove from the view

Calendar settings

Setting the timezone of the calendar

You can choose what timezone you would like to view your jobs, estimates, and events in on the calendar. The start and end times will show adjusted for the time zone selected. For example, a job with a start time of noon Eastern Standard Time will show up as 9 am when the calendar is set to Pacific Standard Time.

Opening the details page

You can right-click on the job, estimate, or event to open it in a new tab or window or click directly on the job or estimate to open it in the same tab.

Can I Reschedule a Job/Estimate/Event from the Calendar View?

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Step 1: Click on the Schedule tab (icon) on the main navigation menu in the top left

  • Step 2: Click on the desired job, estimate, or event and drag and drop it to the new date and time

    note: if you need to change the employee that is dispatched, make sure your calendar view is DISPATCH or SCHEDULE

  • Step 3: Determine if you will notify your customer or not of the schedule change (only for job and estimate)?

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