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Scheduling Jobs and Estimates
Scheduling Jobs and Estimates

Where and how to schedule in Housecall Pro

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Jobs can be scheduled from 3 primary places in Housecall Pro. This article will show you how to schedule from each of these locations. Jobs can also be scheduled through the intake flow and pipeline.

  • The new job/estimate page

  • The job/estimate page

  • Directly from the calendar

For more information on your schedule page and it's settings, please visit this help article.

Scheduling from a NEW job or estimate

1. Navigate to the NEW button on the top navigation bar and select what you would like to schedule (job, estimate or event)

2. Manually enter the day, time and technician

3. Select the pencil icon to open up the calendar

4. Enter your scheduling details

  • Day & time can be changed by dragging and dropping onto a new location or by clicking on the blue scheduling card

  • Team can changed by clicking edit team or by drag and drop when you are viewing your schedule by employee

  • Arrival Window will not change the job time on the calendar, but will be shared with the customer in their confirmation communications

5. Select notify customer if you wish for your customer to receive an email and/or a SMS confirmation of the job

6. Save the schedule and then save the job

Schedule directly from the calendar

Scheduling from the calendar is the same as scheduling a new job or estimate as outlined above. The schedule details will be already added when the NEW job or estimate page opens.

1. Click a day & time from the calendar

2. The new job page will open with the scheduling details already set.

3. Add job details and save job

Scheduling from an EXISTING job or estimate

1. Navigate to the job or estimate details page

2. Click SCHEDULE in the top kabob

3. Enter your scheduling details and SAVE

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