Pipeline enables you to see the status of all your leads, estimates, and jobs in one aggregate view.

  • Leads Board - includes cards for all your open leads. Each card represents lead, which is tied to a customer.

  • Estimates Board - includes cards for all your open estimates. Each card represents an estimate and includes all the options within that card

  • Jobs Board - includes cards for all your open jobs. Each card represents a job, or if a job has multiple segments - it represents an individual segment of a job

Updating a Lead, Estimate, or Job in the Pipeline

There are multiple ways you can update an estimate or job in the pipeline:

Drag and drop to update cards

Click, hold, and drag a card into a new column to get a dialog that tells you what action you need to complete in order to successfully update that card to the new column. If you click CANCEL, the card will return to its original column.

Status dropdown to update cards

Click the dropdown in a card and select a new option to update the status. Some statuses prompt and require certain actions to be taken before they will update.

[video-to-gif output image]

Updating from the details page

As always, you can update the status of a lead, estimate, or job from from the details page, either in the web or on the mobile app. These updates will be automatically reflected in the pipeline your pipeline will always be up-to-date with what is happening on your estimates and jobs.


You can click into a lead, estimate, or job to see more information about it and take actions like CALL, EMAIL, or adding, updating, and deleting notes.

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