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How to Create a Lead
How to Create a Lead
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How to add a lead

A good first course of action is to start adding any existing leads you have from other sources and updating the lead as you make contact with them again.

Click the black NEW button in the navigation bar, at the top of your desktop dashboard.

Select 'Lead'

Type the customer name in the search box in the "Customer" section, then choose the correct profile and address from the drop down menu.

  • To select a different customer, type in the customer name and select as you did before and it will automatically update.

  • You can add/edit/delete Lead Assignee, Private Notes, Lead Tags, or Lead Source by scrolling down on your new estimate screen.

Add service items by typing the service line item directly into the space provided to search your set price list and select from the drop down.

  • You can continue typing to create a custom line item for specific invoice.

  • Click to edit the service line item, description, or price within the invoice (this will not change the item in your main price list).

Once you've confirmed all of the details look correct, click 'Save' in the top right of the new lead page and you will be brought to your Lead details screen.

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