As a Housecall Pro customer, you now have access to our network of thousands of jobs. Job Inbox is a feature that puts REAL jobs on your calendar with no additional fees, just additional work!

We’ve carefully vetted 3rd party providers who are looking for Pros fulfill real customer work orders. By accepting a job through Job Inbox, you skip the hassle of going through alternate onboarding processes with third parties. Instead, you have the choice to either accept or decline the job right from your Housecall Pro mobile app. Yep, it's that simple. ⭐

Let us help fill your pipeline and never wonder where another job is coming from again!

How to Receive Job Inbox Texts and Notifications:

  1. Update your service area to be accurate.

    • In your Housecall Pro account, go to Account Settings, then click Service Area to update the radius.

2. Ensure your price book is accurate.

3. Update your phone to the latest version of the Housecall Pro App.

4. Connect your bank in Housecall Pro.

  • In your Housecall Pro account, click into "My Money" and press "Connect My Bank."

5. On your mobile device, turn on push notifications, to make sure you never miss a new job.

  • Go to settings> notifications> toggle on Housecall Pro

How to Enable Job Inbox Partners:

If you would like to turn on or off a specific partner, follow these steps!

  1. Click on My Apps then Go To App Store

  2. Click on Learn More under Job Inbox

  3. Now you can either toggle on Job Inbox partners or disable them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Inbox Basics

Q: Is this a lead and do I have to pay for it?

A: These are REAL jobs, not leads. Currently, you do not have to pay for jobs through Job Inbox.

Q: Are there a lot of steps to complete a job through Job Inbox?

A: There are 5 steps to complete a job, but it varies per partner. These steps can be found within the checklist attached to every Job Inbox job.

Q: How do I access Job Inbox?

A: On your mobile device, navigate to dashboard and locate the Job Inbox banner at the top of the screen. The job description will pop up, then click “learn more”

Q: What if I don’t like the job through Job Inbox?

A: You can try out a job through Job Inbox, and if it does not align with your standards, then you can disable Job Inbox in the Housecall Pro App Store.

Q: How is HCP getting compensated for putting the two parties together if the hiring party is paying the Pro directly?

A: Currently, HCP does not take a percentage of the job. The main goal of Job Inbox is to help our Pros out and get them more work.

Accepting and Declining Jobs

Q: What if I’m not the right person to accept or decline the job?

A: Adjust your settings to establish correct admins and lead techs. Admins will recieve notifications about new jobs.

Q: Can I wait to accept a job?

A: There is a limited time to accept a job through job inbox. If the job times out, it will be passed to another Pro in that service area.

Q: What happens once I accept the job?

A: Once you accept the job, you are directed to the new created job in HCP. There is will you will see the job details and job checklist.

Q: What if I don’t have availability at the preferred time slot?

A: This varies depending on partner, but we recommend to confirm the time with the customer after you accept the job.

Q: How do I get more jobs through Job Inbox?

A: As you accept more jobs, you will be ranked higher in the matching algorithm next time there is a job in your service area.

Q: Why was I picked for the job?

A: Each new job via Job Inbox will use a matching algorithm based on service area and price book.

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