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Job Inbox: Thumbtack Integration Overview
Job Inbox: Thumbtack Integration Overview

Leads and instant bookings through Thumbtack

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Housecall Pro has partnered with Thumbtack to bring your leads straight to your HCP inbox! We know you are already using Thumbtack to boost your business and win more jobs, and now you can easily connect your two accounts to manage it all in one place - your Housecall Pro app.

This integration marks the next step in enhancing Job Inbox, a new feature that takes jobs and leads from third-party partners, and delivers them directly to your inbox. What's even more exciting is that you can add on our new Pipeline tool so that you can efficiently manage your Thumbtack leads all the way through the funnel.

Additionally, this integration now offers instant bookings! It will use the same scheduling logic you already have in place, so that Thumbtack's customers will have your availability when looking to book you.

To use this integration, you must have an account with Thumbtack. Pricing for leads is set by Thumbtack and managed in your Thumbtack account.

Learn about a special Housecall Pro x Thumbtack offer here.

Connect your Thumbtack Account

This Help Article will walk you through the initial steps of enabling the integration.

Getting Thumbtack Leads in Job Inbox

It can be challenging to manage your leads in your Thumbtack account, and your schedule in your Housecall Pro account. We want to simplify the process by delivering your Thumbtack leads directly to your HCP Inbox.

Channel View on Desktop:

New Lead View on Mobile:

When you see a Thumbtack lead come through Job Inbox, tap “Learn More” for additional information about the work that needs to be done (The “Fee for lead” will have already automatically come out of your Thumbtack balance):

One of the benefits of the Housecall Pro Inbox is that it offers Omnichannel support. This means you can send different types of messages all from one place.

When you get a new lead from Thumbtack, Housecall Pro will automatically send an SMS text and a message on the Thumbtack messaging platform from you to the lead.

Remember, the faster you respond to a lead, the more likely you are to convert it into a paying customer. We send the first text, but you’ll want to quickly continue the conversation with your lead.

Once you have communicated with the lead, you can easily copy the lead to a job or estimate:

And that’s it! By using the Thumbtack and Housecall Pro integration, you’ll eliminate duplicate entry and increase your conversion rate of leads into active customers.

Click here for more information about managing your Thumbtack leads in Pipeline.

Getting Thumbtack Instant Bookings

Through this integration update, Thumbtack customers will now be able to book you directly.

Getting Set Up

Double check that your business hours are up to date:

Go to Settings:

Go to Business hours on the left side of the page:

Configure your business hours that will be used for Thumbtack Instant Bookings by clicking EDIT on the right side of Online booking windows:

Configure your Online booking windows and click SAVE when done:

Make sure to also select the employees you would like available. In Settings select Employees & permissions.

Click the pencil icon next to each employee you would like to make available to be booked. Then go to Permissions on the left side, and toggle on Online booking availability. Click SAVE when done.

Receiving a Booking

When you are booked by a Thumbtack customer, you will be notified with a job card in your Job Inbox

By clicking "Learn More" you will see the customer's information, the scheduled day and time, and what the job entails.

Clicking on "See all the service information" will show what service has been requested and any additional notes.

Clicking on "See attachments" will show any photos the customer has provided.

Chat with Consumers on the Thumbtack App

In today's day and age, consumers expect businesses to meet them where they're at. This means communicating with them on the same platform where they initiated the conversation. That's why we have enabled Omnichannel, which allows you to chat with a customer through Thumbtack while never having to leave your HCP Inbox.

When you get a new lead or direct booking from Thumbtack, and we send an automatic text and Omnichannel chat to the customer, that will begin the thread of communication between you and them. They will be messaging you from Thumbtack, and you will be able to reply right there in your HCP Inbox.

This is what the consumer will see in Thumbtack.

This is what you will see from your HCP Inbox. The small Thumbtack logo beneath the messages indicates that you are communicating with someone using Thumbtack.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You must have a Thumbtack account connected in order to use Omnichannel

  • All job status updates (on my way, job started, etc.) will be sent as both SMS texts and Thumbtack messages to the customer

  • If the customer messages you using SMS, the text will show up in your Housecall Pro chat, but not in your Thumbtack messages

  • To chat with a customer, that customer would have to first send a lead

By using Omnichannel, you will be able to manage more conversations from the same place, and more importantly, convert more leads.

How to Disconnect Thumbtack from your HCP Account

Navigate back to the Job Inbox app within the App Store, and click the Thumbtack toggle to disable the integration.

You will see the following screen, confirming that disabling the integration does not cancel your Thumbtack subscription, but you will no longer receive your leads or direct bookings in Job Inbox.

Once you click "Disable" your Thumbtack and HCP accounts will no longer be connected.

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