Our new lead source field allows you to track where your customers found your business without having to use tags. Lead source tracking enables better reporting so that you can make smart marketing decisions by investing in the sources that bring you good jobs. You have the ability to track your leads on customers, jobs, and estimates.

Create, Edit or Delete your Lead Source

Setup your lead sources so that you can add them to customers, estimates, and jobs.

Create a Lead Source

  1. Click into your “Account Settings”.

  2. Select “Lead sources”.

  3. Click the blue and white “+ LEAD SOURCE” button.

  4. Add in the name of your lead source and click “SAVE”.

Note: We add system lead sources to your list of lead sources by default. For more information on those lead sources, please go to Auto-Tagging with System Lead Sources.

Edit or Delete a Lead Source

  1. Follow the steps above to navigate to your lead sources.

  2. Click on a lead source in the table.

  3. Edit or delete the lead source. Click “SAVE” when finished.

Note: Editing the lead source name will change all leads with the current name to the new changed name. Additionally, deleting a lead source means you will no longer be able to add the lead source to your customers or jobs. All past jobs and customers will still have that lead source associated with it.

Add a Lead Source to a Customer, Job, or Estimate

When creating a new customer, you will see a field to add a lead source in the bottom right corner of the “Notes” section.

When creating a job or estimate, you will see a field on the left list to add the lead source. The lead source field should be directly above the “Attachments” field.

Bulk Add Lead Sources to Customers

On the Customers tab, you can select multiple customers and bulk add lead sources to those customers:

  1. Navigate to the Customers tab. Select the customers you wish to add a lead source to:

  2. Select the add lead source button.

  3. Choose the lead source from the dropdown and click Update.

All of the selected customers should now have the updated lead source.

Auto-Tagging with System Lead Sources

In some scenarios, we will automatically add the lead source if we know where they came from. In these cases, they will be added to a customer, job, and/or estimate. These are known as system lead sources. Here are the current system lead sources:

Lead Source Name


Job or Estimate

Google Reserve

My Website (Online Booking)

Website Builder


HouseCall Marketplace

HouseCall App (iOS/Android)



Virtual Estimate



Note: These system lead sources will be added to the list of lead sources by default. These lead sources cannot be deleted because we use them to auto-tag on customers, jobs, and estimates.

Report on your Lead Sources

You can report on lead sources using the filter functionality on the reporting tab. After applying filters, you will be able to view summary metrics for any lead source(s) and drill into job details to see the lead source for each job.

Start by clicking + Create Report:

Once in the report click on the filters button and use the lead source menu to select your lead source filters:

You can drill into the job details by clicking on "view all jobs" button or on a row in the table:

Select the "Lead Source" column using the button on the top right of the table to add into the table:

Export the job details using the export button in the top right of the table:

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