What different kinds of notes can I have?

Keep notes on your customer, locations or specific jobs

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There are a few different places for you to store notes on specific pieces of information about your customers or jobs you're doing. Each has a different purpose and place. 

These notes are for internal use only and will not be shown to the customer. 

A Customer Note can be added to the customer profile when you're setting a new customer up in the system or adding information to an existing customer. They will be applied to all jobs and estimates created for this customer, and can be found in the field as well as on the web portal.

Information that will remain consistent no matter how many times you work with this customer should go here. An example of a customer note is a gate code to get onto the property. 

The notes can be found in the mobile app by clicking on the customer's name in the job details page.

Any information that needs to be remembered or relayed about what will be done on this job or details the customer gave should go here. They will display on the job details page in the app in the field.

An Address Note is similar to a customer note, in that it will apply to the specific address for all jobs or estimates moving forward. To add an address note, click over the 'address' tab in the customer form and click into the 'notes' box on the right.

For a customer with multiple locations, you can keep the information sorted by each place. It's also helpful if the location has a tenant whose information you'd like to have one hand.

These notes can be seen in the field by clicking on the customer's name on the job details screen.

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