Create a Recurring Job

Learn how to schedule a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual recurring job.

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To create a recurring job, you’ll complete the same steps you would for a one-time job with one additional step in the scheduling portion.

  • Click the blue [+NEW] button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen

  • Input the customer

  • Add service items

  • Schedule the time/date

  • Dispatch 

Before saving, follow the steps below:  

1. Click the two-arrow circle icon 

2. Frequency

  • Select if this job is going to be a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurrence 

3. Date & Time: 

  • Set the date and time of this recurrence by clicking directly on the calendar and clock icons and selecting from the drop down

4. End the Recurrence

  • Select a specific date for the recurrence to stop 


  • Set a number of occurrence(s) that will take place 

For weekly:

  • The day selected will default to whatever day you are creating the job on. Be sure to uncheck that day if that is not when the job will be taking place. 

For monthly & yearly: 

  • Choose a specific day of every month (example: the first Tuesday of every month)


  • Choose a specific date of every month. Be sure to choose a date that occurs every month (example: the 31st is not available in February, April, June, September, or November). 

Pro Tip: Quarterly occurrences take place every 3 months. Every other week repeats every 2 weeks. 

5. Review & Save

  • If you need to make changes to the recurrence settings, click the pencil icon

  • To auto invoice your customer for this specific job, click the box that says 'Auto-Invoice'

  • Click 'Save' once everything is set

Once you've saved, you will be taken to the first invoice of the recurrence. Scroll down and you will see the recurrence settings, where you can edit and view all scheduled occurrences. 

Note: If you need to change the dispatched employee for an occurrence, simply adjust within the individual invoice details page. 

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