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Estimates on jobs report

Understanding and customizing your estimates on jobs report

Written by James Nichols
Updated over a week ago

This feature is in beta and currently released to a limited number of orgs.

The Estimates on jobs report helps you measure how well you and your team convert diagnostic jobs into won opportunities. This new report provides visibility into how often you and your team are creating estimates on diagnostic jobs, and of these how many are won.

How to access the report

To get access to the report, first you must turn on Estimates on jobs in your settings page.

For more information on how to use estimates on jobs, check out this article.

Once you've created estimates on jobs, your report will start to populate with data. To view your report go the Reporting tab > Jobs > Estimates on jobs.

Understanding the report

Note: All of the report settings can be customized and additional jobs metrics can be added to the report.

Default metrics in the report

  • Job count: this is the total count of jobs that were completed during the time period. In the default report, it only includes jobs with the Job type = Diagnostic.

  • Estimates created on jobs: count of estimates that you create on the jobs. Only includes the estimates created on the jobs within the report. Does not include standalone estimates created, or estimates that were previously copied to the job but not created on it.

  • Won jobs: counts any jobs that have a won estimate that was created on them. If multiple estimates (or options) are won on a single job, only counts the won job once.

  • Won Value: the total won value for the estimates created on the jobs. If multiple options or estimates are won on the job, all of the won options/estimates are summed in this metric.

  • Conversion rate: won jobs divided by job count.

Default report settings

  • Date range: your report is set to show you completed jobs over the last 45 days.

  • Filter for Diagnostic job types: the report is set to only show jobs with the job type set to Diagnostic. This filter can be removed

  • By employee: the report shows data by employees assigned to the job. You can update this to any other grouping using the group by setting on the page.

Customizing the report

Any of the default reporting settings can be changed, the report can be saved and added to reporting dashboards. For detailed information on how to customize the report, see our reporting help article here.

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