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HCP Assist - Create events to indicate schedule changes
HCP Assist - Create events to indicate schedule changes

Step-by-step guide for creating event blocks that help avoid unwanted bookings onto your schedule .

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HCP Assist is here to handle your calls and convert them into jobs on your calendar. We want to ensure you only get booked during times when you and your team are available, therefore we suggest creating events to block off sick time, holidays, weather closures, etc. to make your availability clear to our HCP Assist agents.
To ensure our agents do not book during times you and your team are unavailable, we recommend creating following the process outlined in our recurring event help center article with a few critical adjustments:

  1. Make sure to list EVERY tech that is unavailable on that day

    1. Example: Ben is sick, so create a single or recurring event while out OR Company is closed for a holiday, so list every employee on that event

  2. Only block out the times during after hours AND business hours that you are not available. If unavailable during the entire day, create an event for 1am-11pm on a daily cadence. This will allow for an entire event to be blocked for after-hours service (if applicable).

  3. Make sure to label each event.


NOTE: If you need assistance with this, please contact HCP Assist Support at, through the post-call inbox feature, or via the Blue Chat Bubble.
Video of workflow:

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