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What is the difference between sub-customers and multiple addresses?
What is the difference between sub-customers and multiple addresses?

How to best handle customers with multiple locations

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There are two ways to set up customers who have multiple service locations in Housecall Pro: multiple addresses (under one customer) and individual sub-customers.

Multiple addresses - This option will keep all of the addresses for a customer under one profile. The means that the text notifications, as well as emailed invoices, estimates and receipts will all go to the same person. 

Best for customers who have several locations, but you only work with one point of contact for all of them. An example of this type of customer would be a commercial company that books you to different locations, but you are only in touch with the main office. 

Sub-customers - Anyone set as a sub-customer is an individual customer in the database. They have their own contact information on file and are simply linked to the appropriate "parent" customer. The automated notifications (job scheduled, "on my way," and job completed) go to the sub-customer. The invoices, estimates and receipts go to the parent customer to be billed.

Best suited for situations where you are in contact with the party at the location you're servicing, but the bill will be paid by a third party. The common example for sub-customers is a tenant who calls to book a job, but the home-owner will be covering the bill.

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