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Track work happening on equipment and other items on your customer's property

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The property profile app allows you to track the work done on specific items on your customer's property as well as save important data on those items for future use.

Equipment information collected

Multiple items can be added to each customer address. 

Data tracked on each item includes:

  • Item type (A/C, heater, water heater, etc.) *

  • Name used to identify it (ex. downstairs A/C)*

  • Make*

  • Model*

  • Serial number

  • Install date

  • Additional notes

*= Required

Turning ON property profile

Make sure the property profile app is enabled to start using it on jobs. 

Enable it here

Adding equipment

On your mobile app:

  • Open the job you'll be adding equipment to

  • On the job details page, find the Property Profile section by scrolling all the way to the bottom

  • Select the '+' button 

  • Enter the equipment information (including installation date, if applicable)

  • Click 'Save'

To add equipment from the web portal: 

  • From the job details page, click the 'Property Profile' section on the bottom left (under attachments)

  • Type in the equipment information (including installation date, if applicable)

  • Click 'Save'

Items can also be added from a customer's profile

  • Find the more option on the address on the customer profile

  • Select "Add property item"

  • Type in the equipment information 

  • Click 'Save'

Associating address items to a job

Once an item has been added to an address, it can be linked to or removed from a job. Once an item is associated with a job, that job will appear in the service history for that item. 

To associate equipment with a job:

  • Select the unassociated item from the Property Profile

  • Select 'Add to job' 

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