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Using the Customer Portal
Using the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal lets your customers view upcoming and past bookings, pay an invoice, and communicate appointment changes.

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What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is a self-service tool for your customers to view past and upcoming appointments, pay invoices, view past invoices, and send a message to communicate any appointment changes. This gives your customers independence and saves you time with admin while elevating your brand.

When you invite your customers to use the Customer Portal, they will receive an email and will be automatically logged in without needing to create a username and password.

What do your customers see in the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is simple to navigate. When invited, your customers will receive an email from your business and branded with your logo, phone number, email, and address.

Clicking the button "Login to Customer Portal" will open a magic link to log them into their portal without needing to create a username and password. This link will remain active for 7 days and if they click an expired link, we will automatically resend a new magic link.

Past and future appointments

Customers can access their appointments and history via the left-side navigation.


If the customer has unpaid invoices, it will show a banner on the appointments page and a badge on the left navigation. They can easily pay from the Invoices page, which accesses the same invoice that is also sent to their email upon job completion.


If the customer has open estimates, it will show a badge on the left navigation. They can easily view and approve the estimate, which accesses the same view that is sent to their email. Your customers can also view any past estimates that are approved, declined, or expired. They will not be able to view any that were canceled.

Send a Message

Your customer can request any changes such as a new appointment, rescheduling an existing appointment, or cancelling an existing appointment via the Send a Message button. This button will only show if you have a custom SMS number and you have registered your business. Learn more about how to set up a custom SMS number here.

Card on File

If you use Housecall Pro's My Money product, your customers will also be able to add, update or remove their existing card on file, without you having to send a Card on File request. You will be notified via email when your customer takes an action related to managing their card on file.

How do I invite customers to use the Customer Portal?

You can enable a setting so that your customers will automatically receive an invite when a job is scheduled. To do this, go to Settings > Communication > Customer Portal and toggle to On.

You can also manually invite your customers in bulk from the Customer List. Select any customers you wish to invite, then click Bulk Actions > Invite to Portal. This will send the invitation to the primary email on their profile, so if you would like to send the invite to a different email, you will need to manually do so from their profile (see below). If any customers selected do not have an email, you will see a list of their names before sending the invite.

Finally, you can manually invite your customers from their customer profile. The invite button is on the profile tab below the contact information. We will auto-populate any emails on the customer profile, and you can also type in a new email. The profile will then show the date and time that an invitation was sent.

How else can I share access to Customer Portal?

You can embed a Customer Portal login link request form on your website. This code snipped is available in Settings under Customer Portal > Portal login access. Simply copy the HTML code snipped and add to your Website to generate a button that says "Login to Po

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