Job notes 101

Add and edit internal job notes about the job for your company to view prior to or while on the job.

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This article goes over:

  • What is a job note?

  • How to add/edit/delete job notes on already existing jobs

  • How to view note history

  • How to add notes while creating a job

  • How job notes work for recurring jobs

What is a job note?

A job note is a private note that office staff, admins, and field techs will be able to see that is specific to that individual job where the note lives. Customers are not able to see these.

How to use job notes on already existing jobs

Create new notes:

  • Press the + icon in the top right hand corner of the private notes section on the job details page

  • If you need to start a new line, press enter

  • To save, click anywhere else on the screen outside of private notes

View note details and history:

  • Press the history button which looks like a clock in the bottom right corner of any note to see previous versions of that note as well as a log of who made edits and when

Edit notes:

  • Press the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of any note to edit that note

Delete notes:

  • Click the three dots in the bottom right corner of any note, and then click delete

  • Any notes that have been added or deleted will show up in the activity feed of the job

How to add job notes to jobs you are creating:

Simply click on the 'Private Notes' section, type in your notes, and click elsewhere when done

How to notes work with recurring jobs?

If you add a new note on a recurring job, you're able to apply it to just this job, or all jobs in the recurring series

Recurring notes will have a recurring icon in the top right. Any edits made to that note will apply to all the jobs in the recurring series. Deleting that note will delete is from all jobs.


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