You can now merge, rename, and delete customer tags!

Navigate to your dashboard and click on the user icon in the upper right corner, then click on Account Settings.

This will take you to your 'Settings' page. Click on the 'Tags' icon in the second row.

You will be brought to the Tags page where you can see all of the tags you use throughout the system. Here you can add tags, merge tags, and edit tags.


Click the blue 'Add tag' button in the top left of the white window.

A smaller white box will appear where you can then type your new tag you. Click the blue 'add' button in the bottom right corner to save.


There are white check boxes directly to the right of each tag.

You must select at least two tags to merge for the 'merge tags' button to become clickable. Check the white boxes next to the tags you wish to combine. After you've checked the boxes they will turn blue and you will then click the 'merge tags' button (which has now turned blue as well) in the top left corner next to the add tags button. 

A white box will pop up titled 'Merge customer tags.' It will show you the tags you want to merge and give you the option to type in your new tag name. You will then type in the new tag name that you wish to use, and click the blue 'merge' button on the bottom right corner to save the new tag name. 

NOTE: Tags cannot be unmerged. 


You will see blue 'edit' buttons to the right hand side of each tag.

A smaller white box will appear and you will now be able to rename or delete existing tags.

Click the X in the the top right corner of the grey bar to exit out of settings.

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