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In order to have a seamless sync between your bank activity in Housecall Pro and Quickbooks, we need to start with accurately setting up our main bank account. Start by recording the name of your main bank account located in the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks.

When refund checks are written in Housecall Pro, they will be exported into this account. Because payment activity is recorded under this account, it is vital that the name entered is identical to what is shown in QuickBooks. Double check that the name in both Housecall Pro and QuickBooks are the same in order to avoid any syncing errors.

The screenshots below will show you how to find the bank account name in QuickBooks, and how it should match your Housecall Pro account.

How to get to Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop

Bank account name in QuickBooks Desktop

Bank account name in Housecall Pro

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