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Reconciling Tips in QuickBooks Desktop
Reconciling Tips in QuickBooks Desktop
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If you are unable to reconcile your tips in QuickBooks Desktop, or are receiving an alert stating you cannot pay more than the amount, we recommend dismissing the alert and building the invoice manually in QuickBooks Desktop. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

Create a tip line item

  1. First double check to confirm you do not already have a service for tips. If you do have this item already, skip to creating the invoice.

  2. Go to “Lists” then select “Item List”

  3. From here, right click on your item list and click “New”

  4. Set the type as a “Service”

  5. Name the item “Tip”

  6. Assign the item account to “Gratuity” or the account you created or assigned as gratuity when setting up your integration account mapping.

  7. Note: You can check or make changes to your HouseCall Pro to QuickBooks Desktop integration mapping by navigating to “My Apps” and selecting the QuickBooks Desktop tile.

    You can see the gratuity account mapping under the “Accounts” section.

    The account you’ve assigned for the tip line item should match the mapping for your gratuity account.

Create the invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Find the invoice created by HouseCall Pro in your QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. Add Tip as an additional line item.

  3. Set the amount paid for tip.

Enter the payment into QuickBooks Desktop

  1. On the customer profile, log a new transaction.

  2. Double check you’re creating a new transaction for the correct customer account.

  3. Enter the total amount paid.

  4. Document the date payment was taken.

  5. Select the appropriate payment type.

  6. Save the payment.

Reconcile with the bank deposit

For Credit Card Transactions

  1. Generate your deposit, same as always.

  2. Make sure you have accounted for the credit card transaction fees in your bank deposit on QuickBooks Desktop.

  3. You can find the transaction fee amount on the “My Money” page in HouseCall Pro.

  4. The deposit total should reconcile with the amount deposited to your bank.

For Cash/Check Transactions

  1. Generate your deposit, same as always.

  2. Add the payment to your deposit.

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