In the event that a CC payment from HCP did not auto reconcile in QuickBooks Online, you can use these steps to manually reconcile the payment.

Step 1 

  • Create a Deposit: click the +New icon in the upper left corner in QuickBooks Online, select Bank Deposit.

Step 2

  • Select the Checking account in the drop down that you want to move these payments to.

  • Select the invoices that you need to add to the deposit by checking the box next to the customer name¬†

Step 3

  • Add the CC fees on the bottom of the deposit, in the 'Add funds to this deposit' section.

  • Select the 'HouseCall Pro' for the vendor under the 'Received From' column

  • Select the 'HouseCall Pro Credit Card Processing Fee' expense account from the Account drop down

  • Add the invoice numbers for Ref. No

  • Insert the CC fee as a negative dollar Amount. (You can find these fees broken down on the Payouts screen in HCP, under Settings.)

  • Confirm the 'Other Funds Total' matches the total of the CC fees, and the Deposit total now matches the amount that was deposited into your bank.

  • Click Save.

Learn more about how Housecall Pro easily integrates with your Quickbooks Online account.

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