When a job is finished, invoiced, or paid in Housecall Pro, the invoice and associated information will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account.

However, if you need to manually push an invoice or payment to QBO you can do that with the following steps:

  1. When viewing the invoice in Housecall Pro, scroll all the way to the bottom where the QuickBooks section is. Click the 3 vertical dot menu in the top right corner of that section.

  2. Click the Push Invoice/payment to QuickBooks option.

Note: Manually pushed payments are not automatically deposited from your Undeposited Funds account to your asset account in QBO. You’ll need to reconcile these payments manually.

Viewing the payment that is connected to the invoice in QBO:

When viewing your invoice in QBO click the payment made link under the Payment Status section.

Then click the date of the payment to open it up.

You’ll be able to see the details of the payment that transferred from HCP to QBO.

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