How do Refunds Work With the QuickBooks Online Integration?

Learn how Housecall Pro will send a refund to QuickBooks online

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When you refund a payment in HCP, a refund receipt is created under the customer in QuickBooks Online.

Let's walk through the steps:

When you mark an invoice in HCP as Paid, you will see it paid in both HCP and QuickBooks Online:

Paid invoice in HCP:

Paid invoice in QuickBooks Online customer transaction list:

Process a Refund in HCP, and ensure you see the refunded item in the Payment History:

In QuickBooks Online, you will then see a Refund Receipt created for the customer.  This is a refund receipt on a customer, which will show the customer now has a balance of that amount due:

Additionally in QuickBooks Online if you open the refund receipt, you can see which invoice it was sent over for:

The refund receipt will also display on the register for your Undeposited Funds, for you to add to a deposit and deduct from your account register appropriately.

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