What you need to know:

Service plan payments get pushed to QBD as an invoice and a payment. This push is triggered when a payment for that service plan is made.

What if I marked the recurring service plan as already paid for?

When you first create a plan and attach it to a specific customer you have the option to mark that plan as already paid for. Since you are not collecting payment for the plan in Housecall Pro, we WILL NOT push an invoice or payment to QBD.

What if I accept the plan on behalf of my customer?

If you choose to accept the plan on behalf of the customer, you are prompted to then enter payment information to process the initial payment. Since you are collecting payment through Housecall Pro, WE WILL push the invoice and payment to QBD.

What if my customer accepts the plan and puts their credit card on file?

When the first payment is completed for the recurring service plan, WE WILL push an invoice and payment to QBD.

What will I see in my Quickbooks Desktop account?

In the screenshot below, you will see a service plan payment "RSA-5" represented as an invoice (account = accounts receivable) and payment (account = undeposited funds).

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