What does Housecall Pro push to Quickbooks Desktop?

Jobs themselves:

  • When marked finished

  • When the invoice is emailed or sent to the customer in Housecall Pro

  • When they are marked paid

Information on jobs:

  • Customer name

  • Address

  • Service date

  • Line items (name, description, price)

  • Tax rates

  • Payments


  • When a update to the “bill to” info is made in HCP we will sync the change to QBD

How do payments push to Quickbooks Desktop?

All payments will sync to Undeposited Funds.

Credit card payments will need to be manually reconciled. You will need to create a journal entry to account for the cc processing fees.

What if I make a change or add payments to a Job that came to Housecall Pro during my import from Quickbooks Desktop??

Any payments added or changes made to imported jobs (Jobs not created in HCP) will not sync to QBD and will need to be added to QBD manually

Housecall Pro does not support:

  • Job classes

  • Inventory items

  • Multiple tax codes

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