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Manually Pushing Information
Manually Pushing Information

Pushing invoice data from HCP into your QuickBooks account.

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The integration between Housecall Pro and QuickBooks online will only affect new invoices after initial setup. So invoices that were in Housecall prior to QuickBooks integration will not be automatically pushed over.

In a situation where an invoice needs to be manually pushed to QuickBooks, you’ll want to go to the job details page (i.e. open the invoice), and scroll to the card that says QuickBooks Online (This will be found under the Activity Feed at the bottom of the invoice).

Once there, you’ll click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the card and select Push invoice/payment to QuickBooks Online from the drop-down. Your invoice and any payments on the invoice will then push to your QuickBooks Online account, and a link will appear to each on this card. You can click the link to be redirected to the invoice or payment in your QuickBooks Online account.

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