QuickBooks Desktop Credit Card Deposits
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Disclaimer: The following is a recommendation on how to adjust a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop to match the credit card deposits in your bank account from Housecall Pro's internal processor. Always consult with your accountant or bookkeeper before making any changes to your accounting software.

  1. Take a credit card payment on an invoice on Housecall Pro.

  2. When starting a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop select all credit card payments needed for this deposit to match your bank account. To ensure the correct payments are bring selected cross reference this with your My Money page in Housecall Pro. Click OK.

  3. On the deposit itself, a correcting transaction is needed to account for the credit card fees. The amount of fees removed can be calculated for deposits from the My Money page in Housecall Pro. This can be added as negative amount to the deposit.

  4. On the correcting transaction we suggest the From Account be a Cost of Goods Sold with a Sub-Account titled to reflect it's use (i.e. HCP CC Transaction Fees, Housecall Pro Credit Card Fee Account, etc.). If you do not already have one you can create it new at the time of the deposit.

  5. On the correcting transaction we suggest the Received From be a Vendor. NOTE: Since it is likely that your Housecall Pro subscription is accounted for as a Vendor as well, be sure to differentiate the two by name.

  6. When the deposit is ready click Save & Close.

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