Please note that the following features are in beta testing and are not yet available to all pros. Features in beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

The estimates board includes cards for all your open estimates. Each card represents an estimate and includes all the estimate options within that card.

The Estimates Board separates your estimates into these columns:

  • Requested - An unscheduled estimate that has not been scheduled, sent, approved, or rejected.

  • Scheduled - An estimate with a scheduled date that has not been sent, approved, or rejected.

  • Sent - An estimate that has been sent to a customer, but no options have been approved or all options have not been rejected.

  • Approved - An estimate where one option has been approved within the last 7 days, but the estimate has not been copied to a job.

  • Rejected - An estimate where all the options have been rejected within the last 7 days.

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