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Frequently asked questions about the Pipeline solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Pipeline solution. If you don't yet have the feature, you can visit our Pipeline Landing Page to learn more and sign up!

Pipeline Boards FAQs

Does the pipeline board automatically update when someone updates the lead, estimate, or job details page?

Yes, the pipeline board is synced with any actions that are taken on the lead, estimate, or job itself.

Why aren't all my estimates and jobs showing up on the pipeline board?

We pre-populate any estimates and jobs that were created in the last 180 days.

Also, approved/declined estimates and paid jobs will go into the Archived list after 7 days by default, but this can be customized.

What if a job has more than one segment?

Each segment will show up as its own card on the Pipeline Jobs Board and will move independently of the related segments.

What does the dollar amount on the estimate card mean?

If the estimate has one option, this number is the total for that estimate.

If the estimate has more than one option, it is range of estimate options from lowest to highest.

What does the dollar amount on the job card mean?

This is the total amount for that job or job segment.

What does the dollar amount at the top of the column mean?

This is the sum of all the dollar amounts in that column.

Pipeline Automations FAQs

When does an estimate go to the Archived list?

  • If an estimate has been approved and copied to a job, it will be sent to the archived list.

  • By default, if an estimate has been approved for 7 or more days (can be customized) it will go to the archived list

  • By default, if an estimate has been declined for 7 or more days (can be customized) it will go to the archived list.

When does a job go to the Archived list?

By default, if a job has been paid in full for 7 or more days (can be customized) it will go to the archived list.

Will Pipeline send automation messages to customers who have notifications turned off?

When editing individual automation rules, there is a box that will let you choose to send follow ups to customers with notifications off, or not to send them. This is not customizable on the individual customer level.

Why are the automations I have set up not going out for some leads, estimates, or jobs?

The job or estimate will need to fall within the automation cadence you currently have set, in order for the automation rules to be triggered.

For example: Let’s say you have 2 estimates, 1 that was sent for the first time yesterday and 1 that was sent for the first time 3 weeks ago. If today you enable an automation rule to ‘resend the estimate and move to first follow up 2 days after the estimate has been sent’, that rule would only affect the estimate that was sent yesterday. Since the estimate that was sent 3 weeks ago is outside of the cadence period, the automation will not trigger for that estimate. You’d want to manually resend that estimate in a case like this.

Will the automated follow-ups be sent as SMS or email notifications?

The follow-up message will get sent as either an email or text to the same email address or phone number to which you originally sent the estimate.

If the estimate was sent with both text and email originally, then the follow-up message will get sent based on what was last sent out - if it was last sent as a text, the automation will send a text and vice versa.

Other Pipeline FAQs

Is Pipeline available on the Housecall Pro mobile app?

Yes, Pipeline is available on the mobile apps. Learn more about Pipeline on mobile here.

Does Pipeline integrate with other tools?

What happens when a lead is assigned to somebody within Pipeline? Does the assignee have a way to view their leads on the app?

The lead is visible in the pipeline and that list can be filtered down to the specific employee.

Can I create new Pipeline columns or rename existing columns?

How does HCP Assist interact with Pipeline?

Pipeline will work with HCP Assist with no conflicts, but note that while HCP Assist Agents can save leads, estimates, and jobs to Pipeline, the HCPA agent won’t be able to access Pipeline.

Is a proposal sent from the sales proposal tool tied to the Pipeline?

Yes, that proposal will show up as an estimate in the sent column of the Pipeline. When a proposal gets sent it creates an estimate (not a Pipeline thing, this happens regardless of if they have Pipeline or not)

If a pro has invoice reminders on, and sends the invoice from the pipeline, will this still trigger the cadence for invoice reminders?

Yes, sending an invoice from the Pipeline will prompt those reminders to go out.

If a pro calls a customer using Voice to follow up, does the Pipeline know to update the status of that job, lead, or estimate?

At the moment the two features don’t communicate in that way. The pro would want to let the automation rules make changes to the job, lead or estimate, or make those changes manually when using Voice to follow up.

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