The integration between Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Online typically functions one-way, with invoices pushing from Housecall Pro to QuickBooks Online. However, there are a few exceptions. Once the integration has been established, you’ll want to ensure all work is being completed within Housecall Pro to allow for the automatic and bidirectional transfer of data.

Invoices are sent to QBO when marked as Finished, Sent, or Paid. New price book items and customers will be pushed to Quickbooks as well any time an invoice with the new information is sent over. Once pushed the first time, a link is established between the HCP and the QBO invoices, so updates in HCP will push over to the invoice in QBO once one of the actions has been completed.

Note: information that is updated in HCP will not need to be manually updated in QBO!

Invoices will be pushed anytime after the integration is active. This means it will not automatically push invoices that have been marked as finished, sent, or paid prior to the integration being connected.

Ways QBO can push information to HCP

  1. Upon initial connection with the integration, you have the option to import all of your QBO data into your HCP account.

  2. Manually pulling QBO payments from your QBO account to your HCP account in the cases where the payment was entered in your QBO account instead of HCP.

  3. Customer Display Name update in your QBO account will update in HCP when the next invoice syncs from HCP to QBO

  4. Deleting a customer in QB, or Making them Inactive, will also delete the customer in your HCP account.

  5. Deleting or making the parent customer inactive from a parent/child relationship in QuickBooks Online will also delete the child customer. This change is also applied to Housecall Pro, where both customers will be deleted. Note: Restoring the customers within your Quickbooks Online account will not also restore them in Housecall Pro.

  6. Deleting or making child customers inactive from a parent/child relationship in QuickBooks Online while the parent customer remains active: in Housecall Pro the child’s profile is deleted, but their jobs can still be found under the parent's profile since the parent is not deleted.

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