Price Book Mobile Permissions

User and field tech permissions to consider that impact price book access

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Use this guide to understand what permissions impact the ability to access settings related to Price Book or view the prices you have set for your services and materials.

Who has access to Price Book on mobile:

  • Owner/Admins

  • Office Staff

  • Field Techs

Employee Type

Permission Set

What can they do?


  • Any combo of current permissions

  • Price Book settings on mobile

  • Able to view cost and price on Price Book items in settings

  • Able to save and create custom line items on jobs and estimates

Field Tech

  • 'Update company account info' off

Able to:

  • Create and save custom line items to price book on the job/estimate

  • View and edit prices on services and materials added to job or estimate

Not able to:

  • View and edit Price Book items via settings on mobile

Field Tech

  • 'Add/Edit Jobs' off

Able to:

  • View line items on the job/estimate and total price of job

  • Able to see sub-total and tax on job

  • Able to take approval signature on estimates and jobs

Not able to:

  • Edit the line items on a job/estimate

    • Price, name, description, etc

  • Create and save new items to Price Book on a job/estimate

  • Edit price, qty, tax

Field Tech

  • 'Take payment & see prices' is off

Able to:

  • Edit the job or estimate and can modify

    • Quantity for service and/or material

    • Set item tax on/off

Not able to:

  • Access Price Book in settings on mobile

  • View price or cost of services and/or materials or job total

  • Can’t take payment or take a before/after work is finished signature

For further permission breakdowns or get a better understanding of permissions, feel free to chat in via the blue chat bubble.

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