Line Items on Jobs

Add service and material line items to jobs.

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Easily build out the details of your jobs to ensure employees and customers know what's expected and what's being charged.

Form Vs Table View

Within the line items section you can toggle between a form and table view.

The form view supports editing and auto-saving fields directly on the page, while the table view supports editing and saving field-level information from within a modal and gives you a more condensed read-only view.

The same features are supported in each view, and changing the view from the toggle will only change the view for you, not for others in your organization.

Adding and Editing Line Items

Form view:

To add a line item simply click to add a service or material. You can search for items in your price book, choose from frequently used or favorited items, or create new line items that are not yet in your price book.

Alternatively, you can add items from your visual price book by clicking the Service or Material Price Book buttons.

Note: The frequently used line item list shows up to 30 of the most commonly added line items to jobs and estimates. Specific line items can also be favorited. When you favorite a line item, it will only favorite it for your user account.

To edit line item information click on any field to update it. Changes will be auto-saved and you'll see a Saved confirmation toward the top of the line item box.

Clicking the x next to each line item will also allow you to delete it.

If you add a line item that is not in your price book, a Save Line Item to Price Book button will be visible. Clicking this button will prompt you to save it to the correct industry and category so that the item will show up next time when searching for it within the add line item dropdown.

Table view:

The same features mentioned above are supported in the table view.

Note that multiple line items can be added or edited within the same modal by rotating through line items or clicking to add a service or material.

Setting the Job description:

The top line item entered under 'Services' will serve as the Job description on your schedule, and on the mobile app dashboard. This is ideal for detailing call notes or scope of work for a customer, and to prepare field techs for an upcoming job.

On the schedule:

On dashboard:

On mobile:

Learn more about the additional features supported on line items:

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