Material Inventory Detail Tracking

Track and report on where material is coming from along with purchase details across jobs and employees.

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With customizable fields for source, purchase status, and vendor; you will be able to track where material used on jobs is coming from, what material is being purchased by field employees, and what material may need to be replenished to optimize inventory levels, increase efficiency, and monitor costs.

With this feature, you can stay on top of material needs, and reduce unnecessary supply runs or delays in projects with a fraction of the setup and configuration required for most inventory and purchasing management systems.

Getting Started

Navigate to the Job details settings page, and click on Material detail tracking.

From here, enable the fields you'd like to use. Once enabled, you'll see default values that you can remove or update. You can also add your own values that you'd like to use for tracking and reporting.

  • Source: Track where is material coming from (specific inventory locations i.e. trucks, shop).

  • Purchase status: Track which materials need to be purchased for which job, and what has been purchased by employees, etc.

  • Vendor: Track where materials should be purchased from or where they were purchased from (if you have preferred vendors or want to keep track of purchases)

Tracking Material Details on Jobs

Once you've enabled the fields above, you'll be able to update these fields on any material line item or job input from the job page on the web or mobile apps.

Note: You will need to opt-in to the new line item design from the job details page on web in order to see these new fields from the web. Learn more here.

Material Line Items

Click to add material line items and update each field as appropriate

Material Job Inputs

You can track material on jobs outside of line items. More information on enabling this feature here.

Click to add material inputs and update each field as appropriate


Reporting on Material Usage

Material used across jobs and employees can be reported on to keep track of purchasing activity and replenishment needs. Learn more about this report here.

By enabling these fields and tracking this level of detail, you'll be able to filter and sort by source, purchase status, and/or vendor within this existing report.

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