Sales Proposal Tool 2.0 on mobile
Create proposals quickly and easily on any mobile device with our updated Sales Proposal Tool.
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You can customize each proposal to fit any customer's needs to increase your close rates on larger projects. This article provides a detailed guide on how to create proposals using our iOS and Android apps. Click here for information on creating proposals on the web.

Accessing the new Sales Proposal Tool

The Sales Proposal Tool is built on top of the current estimates feature, bringing the best of proposals and estimates into one product. With this tool, you can take advantage of estimates-specific functionalities like adding attachments, using checklists, or scheduling while also creating visually appealing proposals.

Learn more about Accessing the new Sales Proposal Tool here:

To create a Proposal

  • Create an estimate that includes all options you want to offer to your customer. Once your options are in place, tap the PRESENT button located on the estimate details page to open the proposal view:

Side-by-side view of the proposal

Side-by-side view of the proposal

  • After tapping the PRESENT button, you'll be taken to a side-by-side view of the proposal that showcases all the options from your estimates horizontally to help your customers easily compare the options and make the decision-making process smoother. You can add as many options as you want and present them as a proposal.

This view is designed to help your customers easily compare the options and make the decision-making process smoother. When you send the proposal via email or text, your customer will also see the same side-by-side view. So make sure you utilize it effectively to create an impactful first impression!

From this view, you can control the visual appeal of your proposal by adding cover images and descriptions to your options. Simply tap on the “three dots" icon to add them. You can also rename the options from here if needed:

The side-by-side view will display all your options added to your estimate horizontally (you can swipe right and left to browse them)

Once you added the cover images and description to your options, you can preview the details view of each option separately. This detailed view of a single option will also be accessible to your customers. To enter this view, tap the “view option“ button for a selected option:

Option’s details view

  • The details view of a single option presents all services and materials added to that option, as well as the taxes, discounts, and information about the needed deposits. It also presents the most important information on your estimate: your company information, the name and address of your customer, the technician’s name and, if added, expiration and service dates.

When viewing a specific option's details, you can decide which parts of that option should be visible to your customers and which shouldn’t by using the estimate settings located on the right. Default account estimate settings apply unless you change them. Default account estimate settings apply unless you change them here. To open the settings, tap on the “three dots“ icon and select Edit estimate settings:

Sending the proposal to your customer

Once you have added all images and descriptions to your options, and, if needed, you adjusted the visibility of the different parts of an option using the estimate settings, you can send your estimate as a proposal to your customer. To do so, tap the “Envelope“ icon from the side-by-side view:

You can send your proposal either through email or text message. All options included in your original estimate will be received by the customer by sending the estimate as a proposal using the flow described above.

Sending standard (non-proposal) estimates

It's important to note that the new Sales Proposal Tool attached to your account does not interfere with your ability to provide estimates to customers as you did before. You can still present and send estimates in a regular manner without the proposal presentation mode. To do so, just tap the "Envelope" icon located on the estimate details screen:

Coming soon! Easily create and save Estimate and Proposal Templates.

  • Pre-built templates enable your technicians to quickly present and sell services in the field.

  • Your existing proposal templates created with Sales Proposal v1 will remain active so that you can use them with Sales Proposal 2.0 on both web and mobile.

  • Quickly use estimate options that you've saved in your price book that will auto-populate the photo, title, and other details based on the line items you select.

  • Changes made to price book options will reflect in your templates automatically.

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