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Using Templates to Create Estimate and Proposal Options on Web (beta feature)
Using Templates to Create Estimate and Proposal Options on Web (beta feature)

Use templates for estimates and proposals on web to quickly and efficiently present details to customers with greater consistency.

Written by Joe Burkhart
Updated over a week ago

Please note: this feature is currently in beta testing and not yet available to all users

This article provides a detailed guide on how to use templates to quickly create estimate or proposal options on the Housecall Pro Web App.

Coming soon! Use templates to quickly create estimate and proposal options on mobile (iOS and Android) devices.

Templates will increase efficiency and boost your experience when creating and presenting estimates and proposals to customers. They provide an efficient way to quickly create options that always include the information you need, while limiting the risk of errors or omissions to ensure your services are presented consistently and accurately.

For information on how create estimate and proposal templates, click here.

Table of Contents

Accessing estimate or proposal templates from estimate details page

First you will need to create an estimate. From the Estimate details page you may click the ADD OPTION button at the top of the screen:

Adding new options from an estimate or proposal template

Clicking the ADD OPTION button on the Estimate details page opens a menu with two items inside. To create options based on pre-existing templates, click the Select from templates item:

This will open a modal that you can use to browse your templates and select which template(s) you want to use to create your options:

Templates inside of this modal are are organized into their respective categories. The category structure inside of this modal mirrors the category structure inside of the Estimate templates section of your price book.

To select desired templates, navigate to the last (sub)category within a given category path. This will open a list of all templates you have added to that (sub)category. This list can also be sorted:

You can select more than one template to quickly create multiple estimate options. It is also possible to select templates from different (sub)categories.

After creating estimate options from your templates, you can always remove the original Option #1 option from your estimate if desired.

Updating options created from templates

You have flexility to make adjustments to any estimate options that you add from a template (e.g., you want to apply a different discount a specific customer). One-off changes applied to the option will not automatically update the original template used to create the option.

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