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Customers - Create Jobs & Estimates Reports

Filter your Jobs and Estimates in the new reporting feature under the Customers tab.

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In the new Customers view, you will be able to filter, sort, and export Jobs and Estimates.

  1. Navigate to Customers at the top of your web page.

2. On the left side, you can select Jobs or Estimates to a view a full report.

3. In the Jobs Report, click the Edit Columns button to change the columns that are included in the current view of the report.

Select or deselect the columns you would like to include in your report.

4. Click 'Filter' to drill down the report to more specific parameters.

Here, you can filter by:

  • Job created, scheduled, or completed date

  • Job Tags

  • Employee assigned to job

  • Customer name

  • Job and customer lead source

  • Job type

  • Job amount

  • Total profit

  • And more!

Things to know:

Some columns in the report, such as Job Scheduled Date, Job Description, and Invoice amount can be sorted in ascending or descending order while others such as Address, Tip Amount, and Employee cannot be sorted. You will see an Up or Down arrow when you roll your mouse over the columns that can be sorted.

Exporting your Jobs Report

  1. Once you have filtered the report to your needs, navigate to the 'Actions' drop-down menu at the top right.

2. Select 'Export' and you will receive an email with the exported file containing your report. The email will be sent to the email associated with the user login of the employee that is viewing the report.

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