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How to Enable Worker's Compensation in Housecall Pro
How to Enable Worker's Compensation in Housecall Pro
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Note: this feature is only available to organizations already onboarded to the Housecall Pro Payroll product.

In Housecall Pro, as a payroll user, you'll now be able to see a new sidebar navigation item called "Employee Benefits." This is where you can see which benefits you'd like to offer to your employees.

In order to set worker's compensation up, you'll click the "Get Quote" button here on the Employee benefits page. This will take to you an experience provided by Next Insurance to help give you a quote and potentially purchase your worker's comp package.

From here you'll start the quote process by entering in various business details like the type of work you do and where.

After filling out a series of additional information, you'll either be provided with a quote or a set of actions to follow up with to get a quote.

You'll then be sent to a screen where you can set up an account with Next and start billing. Payment for worker's compensation happens directly via your paycheck.

If you need to come back to your worker's compensation profile, you can always get there by going back to "Employee benefits" in Housecall Pro and clicking "Get Quote" again - this will take you to back to Next Insurance where you can then manage your policy.

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