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Manage Duplicate Customers
Manage Duplicate Customers

Clean up your customer list using a new tool that automatically identifies possible duplicate customers and makes it simple to merge them.

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1. Click on Customers in the top navigation bar

2. Click the Actions button and select “Manage duplicates”

3. We automatically identify possible duplicate customers based on customer name (display name) matches. Click the carrot to open the row for a particular customer to review all possible duplicates.

4. If you confirm that they are duplicates, select some or all of the customers and then click the Merge button.

5. A modal will pop up to merge the customers. Check all of the information being merged. If everything is correct, click Merge Customers to finalize the merge. Note: you cannot unmerge customers after completing this step.

6. You will stay on the page to easily review and merge all possible duplicate customers. Note: if any customers are not duplicates, you can leave them in the table without merging them

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