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Now on Mobile! - Estimate and Proposal Templates
Send and present estimate and proposal options from pre-built templates on mobile devices
Send and present estimate and proposal options from pre-built templates on mobile devices

Use templates to quickly send or present pre-built options on mobile devices

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To learn how to create estimate and proposal templates, Click here.

Adding new options on a mobile device from a pre-built template

No more building from scratch in the field. Now, you can use pre-built estimate and proposal templates on mobile (iOS and Android) devices!

Tap More in the top toolbar and choose Add option(s) from template. You can then create one or more options from your pre-built templates

You will see a new view that you can use to browse your templates and select which template(s) you want to use to create your options:

To select desired templates, navigate to the last (sub)category within a given category path. This will open a list of all templates you have added to that (sub)category. You can select more than one template to quickly create multiple estimate options. It is also possible to select templates from different (sub)categories.

Presenting Sales Proposal options on a mobile device from pre-built templates

If you have access to Sales Proposal Tool 2.0 with your Housecall Pro plan, you have the ability to provide an optimized 'presentation mode' of your estimates (Sales Proposals).

Proposals enable you to create engaging sales experiences, provide 5-star customer service, and easily upsell larger jobs.

By using the same workflow detailed in the previous section, you can now use pre-built templates to more efficiently present good, better, best proposal options to your customers on a job site! This will be a game-changer for selling in the field!

How do I add Sales Proposal Tool 2.0 to my account?

If you already have access to the Sales Proposal Tool with your current plan, you will automatically get access to the new updates. If you are interested in adding the Sales Proposal Tool to your plan, you can chat into the blue bubble to connect with a Success Advisor, or visit the Housecall Pro App Store.

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