Sales Proposal Tool 2.0

Good, Better, Best. Sales Proposals make it easy to win more high ticket jobs while providing excellent customer service.

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Why is Sales Proposal Tool important?

People prefer to see multiple options before deciding on a purchase. As a home service provider, you can offer options to your customers by presenting a ‘good, better, best’ proposal.

Housecall Pro's Sales Proposal Tool lets you quickly build proposals from a saved template or from scratch in real-time from anywhere to close larger jobs faster, streamline your sales process, and deliver exceptional customer service.

  • Quickly create eye-catching proposals at the job site with a pre-built template

  • Present multiple levels of service directly from an estimate on web or mobile

  • Streamline workflows with fully integrated functionality between the proposal, scheduling, and dispatching process

  • Convert more proposals by automating proposal follow-ups with Pipeline

  • Make upselling easier and reduce sticker shock by offering flexible financing options

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How do I add the new Sales Proposal Tool to my account?

If you already have access to the Sales Proposal Tool with your current plan, you will automatically get access to the new updates. If you are interested in adding the Sales Proposal Tool to your plan you can chat into the blue bubble to connect with a Success Advisor, or visit the Housecall Pro App Store.

Please Note: the Sales Proposal Tool App Card will direct to Sales Proposal Tool v1 for the time being (if you have The Sales Proposal Tool on your account) Please see the links below to learn how to access Sales Proposal Tool 2.0 from estimates.

How do I use the new Sales Proposal Tool if/when I add it to my plan?

We have rebuilt the Sales Proposal Tool to now function within estimates in the Housecall Pro web and mobile apps. You will be able to present estimates in a visually optimized proposal view for a side by side comparison of options. You will also be able to take advantage of current estimate features such as adding attachments and seamless scheduling.

Navigate to estimates and click or tap the present button from the estimate details page to create and present the proposal.

I'm using the Old Sales Proposal Tool (V1)

New functionality including the ability to present options from pre-built templates on the Housecall Pro mobile app (created via The Estimate Templates section in your Price book) are only available on Sales Proposal Tool 2.0.

If I am already using the current Sales Proposal Tool, What will happen to my existing proposals? Will I still have access to the current version of the tool?

We will continue to support the current version of the Sales Proposal Tool for the time being and you can open a current proposal as an estimate. This will continue to work once the new version of the tool is launched. However, opening an old proposal as an estimate will not migrate the old proposal image and option description.

The new version of the Sales Proposal Tool is built on top estimates, will I still be able to create and send regular estimates to my customers?

Yes, you can choose to either send the standard view of estimates to your customers or send the proposal view at your discretion.

I've created templates for Sales Proposal v1. How do I use these templates on Sales Proposal 2.0?

If you have existing templates from Sales Proposal Tool (1.0), your work is safe! All of your templates are moved into the new Archived templates category. You may continue to edit these templates and you can move them to a different category if desired.

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