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Rewards Program

In conjunction with your use of Expense Cards, you may be eligible to earn rewards on qualifying transactions (the “Rewards Program”) as further described below:

  1. Eligibility: Participation in the Rewards Program is open to all businesses or entities that are eligible for Expense Cards.

  2. Earning Rewards:

    1. Authorized purchases made with Expense Cards for business purposes in accordance with these HCP Money Terms will be eligible for rewards ("Eligible Purchases").

    2. The amount of rewards earned per Eligible Purchase and the value of each reward are governed by the details specified within HCP Money.

    3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Eligible Purchases will not include cash advances, balance transfers, fees, interest charges, unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, and other transactions as determined in Housecall Pro's sole discretion.

    4. Purchases resulting in a refund from the merchant will not be eligible for rewards. If rewards are distributed for a transaction which is later refunded, Housecall Pro reserves the right to:

      1. Reduce the subsequent rewards redemption amount by the amount earned on the refunded transaction(s),

      2. In the case where no subsequent rewards have been earned, debit your Financial Account or linked bank account for the cash-equivalent of the rewards earned on the refunded transaction(s), or

      3. Collect payment from any other payment method that you have on file with Housecall Pro, including but not limited to credit cards, backup credit cards, and accounts of yours to which Housecall Pro has access, for the cash-equivalent of the rewards earned on the refunded transaction(s).

    5. Rewards are earned by the business or entity named on the Financial Account, not individual users of Expense Cards.

  3. Rewards Redemption:

    1. Rewards are distributed in the form of a credit to the Financial Account (“Cashback”)

    2. Cashback will be available in the Financial Account no later than the last day of the month following the month during which the transaction giving rise to Cashback took place.

  4. Rewards Program Modifications and Termination: Housecall Pro reserves the right to modify, suspend, terminate, or cancel the Rewards Program, in whole or in part, at any time, upon notice from Housecall Pro.

  5. Taxes and Fees: You are responsible for any taxes, fees, or other charges that may apply to rewards earned or redeemed through the Rewards Program. Consult a tax advisor for specific information about tax implications.

  6. Fraud and Abuse:

    1. Fraudulent activity related to the Rewards Program, including but not limited to misuse of cards, abuse of the Rewards Program, or manipulation of rewards, may result in the forfeiture of all accrued rewards and account closure.

    2. Housecall Pro reserves the right to take appropriate action against individuals engaging in fraudulent or abusive behavior.

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