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AI Team Overview
AI Team Overview

Explore how to leverage Housecall Pro's AI Team

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Introducing the AI Team

As a business owner, we know that it can feel like you are juggling the tasks of multiple people, which is why we want to introduce you to the AI Team. This team is made up of specialized AI Team Members—each expertly crafted to support your business growth through analytics, marketing, customer service, and more.

You will have the ability to choose which team members to enable so that you have the power to decide what parts of your business to prioritize. Each member of the AI Team has complementary skillsets to bring you to that next stage of growth, and you will be able to incrementally add individual AI team members to scale.

How to interact with the AI Team

You will see a new section in your Settings called AI Team. Here, you can view the AI Team Members that you have active. Currently, you aren't able to enable or disable specific team members.

Click Join Waitlist at the top of the screen to be the first to hear about new AI capabilities launching.

For now, @Help and @Analyst are in beta and will be slowly rolled out for you to begin testing the capabilities.

Note: The @Help team member will always be free. There may be costs associated with the other team members in the future.

Once you have access to an AI Team Member, you'll see a sparkle icon in the top right corner of your Housecall Pro web portal.

Clicking on the sparkle icon will open the AI Team Member message thread.

Meet the AI Team Members

Hire your AI Team today and focus on what matters most. Offload the busywork, discover new growth opportunities, and take action with proactive insights and personalized coaching.


What It Offers: Provides setup assistance, ongoing support, and tailored recommendations for your Housecall Pro account. It offers expert insights on maximizing HCP's potential.

Example Prompt: "How do I add an employee to Housecall Pro?"


What It Offers: Delivers business consultations with clear financial insights for data-driven decision-making. Keeps track of your cash flow and overall business finances.

Example Prompt: "Based on last quarter’s revenue, who’s my top-performing tech and how many jobs did they complete?"

@Marketing (Coming Soon!)

What It Offers: Enhances your digital marketing and reputation management. Executes marketing campaigns that effectively capture attention and convert leads.

Example Prompt: "Can you help me create an email marketing campaign that will generate more bookings?"

@Coach (Coming Soon!)

What It Offers: Offers business guidance, advice on hiring, and problem-solving support. Helps with daily operational challenges.

Example Prompt: "What training resources for new hires do you recommend?"

@CSR (Coming Soon!)

What It Offers: Improves customer relations and streamlines operations. Provides support by answering calls, scheduling appointments, and managing customer communications when you're unavailable.

Example Prompt: "I need support handling a customer service call."

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