Once you have chosen and attached the correct files to your job or estimate, you have the ability to send specific attachments to the customer right in Housecall Pro. 

When you're ready to send the invoice, click on the paper airplane icon to the far right of the invoice number: 

The preview page will appear. Click the paper clip icon in the top right of the window:

This will bring you to a list of files that you have attached to this job. Choose the ones you would like to send to the customer. You'll see a small check mark in the bottom right corner of the items that have been selected. When the correct files have been selected, click 'add attachments' in the bottom right. 

Your items are now attached to go out with the invoice. You will see a number next to the paperclip icon with the number of items you have attached. Click SEND INVOICE in the top right to send the documents attached the invoice. 

Remember, the process is the same when attaching and sending files on an estimate!

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