Finding Account and Routing Numbers

Know where your account and routing numbers can be found to get Instapay setup!

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There are a couple places you can find your account and routing numbers: in your online banking portal and in your checkbook. 

1. Your Bank's Online Banking Portal

You should be able to find your account and routing number by logging into your online banking account (that you should have setup through your bank).  

If you're having trouble locating it within your bank's online portal, try searching "routing number" in the search bar within the portal.

2. Checks

If you have a checkbook, you can find your account and routing numbers at the bottom of a check (see below).

NOTE: If your checks are older, you may need to double check that the routing number has not changed. 

You can Google the name of your bank with "routing number" (i.e. 'SDCCU routing number) if you know your account number but not the routing number, or if you want to confirm that it has not changed. 

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