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Disconnecting from Google Calendar
Disconnecting from Google Calendar
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If you no longer wish to have your HouseCall calendar integrated with your Google calendar, please follow these steps to disconnect.

To disconnect through Housecall Pro:

Go to 'My Apps' & click 'Get More Apps' --> scroll down to 'Integrations'

Click on Active to toggle disconnect. Existing jobs in your calendar will remain, but no new jobs will be sent.

To disconnect through Google Calendar:

You can go to the list of My Calendars in the left sidebar and find the calendar titled Housecall Pro 

Hover over the Housecall Pro calendar and hit the 3 dots to view Options for this calendar.

Click Settings and sharing

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the box titled 'Remove calendar'. You can hit Delete to permanently erase this calendar from your Google Calendar view.

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